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Vkation is your one stop shop to discover and book amazing things to do.We bring you carefully curated Activities whilst establishing quality and safety standards across the ecosystem, and make them easily bookable online.All of our offerings are handpicked and scrutinized.Explore our listing and find personalized activities.

  1. We help you to discover and book amazing things to do
    We know that an unforgettable trip is built on the special experiences you share with friends and family. Yet these activities are often difficult to find and even more challenging to book.We’re changing this. We carefully curate our offering of high-quality activities, display them beautifully, and make them easily bookable online via computer, tablet or mobile phone. We’re dedicated to making travel planning enjoyable, so you can focus on what matters – creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. What makes Vkation special ?
    Quality: Vkation only works with the highest quality vendors. Our team of travel experts handpicks the best activities to provide a personalized selection of experiences that match the varied travel styles of our customers.

    One Stop Shop: Vkation brings together all of the information you need in one place. Use our Travel Guides if you’re visiting for the first time for an overview of the top things to see. Explore our categories to find unique experiences you will love. Then save yourself hours of phone calls with our seamless online booking and payments platform.

    Itineraries: Our “Perfect Days” feature complete itineraries, insider tips and hidden gems from tastemakers.
    Customer Service: We believe in great experiences – and that includes the experience our customers have with Peek. Excellent customer service is at the core of what we do.

  3. Our Main features
    • 24-hour cancellation policy
    • The lowest price guarantee
    • Millions of customer reviews
    • 24/7 multilingual customer care
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